Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday's Letter!!!

well hello there my amazing family how are we all doing this week? so things here are going good and things well are going along also hahah. so with transfers well i think it will be fun to play a game you guys guess where im at and next week ill tell you hahaha jk jk jk but that answer is........thats right i stayed one more transfer in my area. and im tranining one more time!!! yay!!!!! thats riught i have another kid. His name is elder gonçalves he is from forteleza as well as my last kid which is wierd huh. he comes well we can say his family has a lot of money. everyone in his family are members even his fiancée thats right he is already engaged and i dont think that did any good for the kid =/. to be completly honest he really looks like he wants to go home already actually he doesnt look like he has already said he misses hom everyday of his mission which makes me a little nervous for the kid. i really hope he doesnt want to go. i really like him though he is workin hard, however it is a little challange cause he doesnt like to talk to people, and he doesnt know much of the lessons so that means im teaching 90% of the lessons. hahah which is fine i just love the help. so things here are going good i have decided that my ward either hates my guts or loves me to pieces on tusday i got 5 calls from 5 diffrent people asking if i got transfered or no hahah so i sure hope they like me and not wanting me to leave haha. So this week was pretty good though a little diffrent because we only had half the week to work, we got back to our area on wednesday which made it another challang to get thiungs going up again, however things turned out okay at the end. the investigators well honestly w started over this week cause nobody was making much progress and we ended up finding a couple of good people. this week will be a little bit of the same thing untill we had]ve a pretty solid teaching group. sohopefully things work out. i have come to a conclution that if our members in the world work as much as the jehovahs witnesses we would baptize so much more i mean. im not jokig imn my area evreyday they are working on the streets but every saturday and sunday is worse all the members go out knock doors to teach people oh how that jkills us here. seriously though only if our members would do that as well it would help us out a ton. Today was pretty cool well kinda yesterday me and 2 other americans went to the mission office cause today we went to the police station to renew our visas, and that was sure a ton of fun. haha we got backj right now thats why we have to late letter. anyways it was kinda funny cause there was another 2 missionaries that went with us and one was trtaining so he went with his son (companion). how and what a sad day his tranier was playing jokes on the kid all day. (the police station here is at the airport) and when a plane was taken off and he looked at his comp and he said ``you think that plane is far away?`` his comp said no i dont think so. when he replied ``well for you it is another 2 years`` oh poor kid. when we were leaving he said get a good look at this place son cause its the last time you´ll see itfor 2 years. oh man how that probably hurt th kid haha. anyways my wonderful familçy i better get going i sure do loveyou guys and miss you tons. have a great week and know i love you. oh i sentsome pictures one is with my new companion and the other ones are from last weeks zone activity. with my new pkg of course as well =) elder hemphill

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