First Letter

October 10, 2009

Hello there family,
     Well I do not have a lot of time on here cause this is not my normal PE day yes I did sneak on haha jk jk no I didn’t but I will be writing normally on Fridays I believe. But mom to answer your questions if I can remember them all, my companion is nice guy Elder Woodword. tall guy my height but around 230 haha...doesn’t really like sports but we get along pretty good. My other roommates two other elders anew elder chamberlan and elder burfy. Good guys. The language is goin okay not too bad. I already know how to pray and a little of a greeting as well. Haha now if I say the words writes probably not but that’s okay cause I’m not the only that can’t. The food is actually really good.
Yes mother the church is still true lol even though I live on the fourth floor so I have to walk up and down LOTS of stairs to get to my room not to mention my class is on the fourth floor as well so I’m constantly walking up and down stairs all day... haha which is good cause I need to get in shape still....I ran into some people I know actually elder Matt Canova yes I did see him and this kid at pageant Aaron Roth and Robert Hughes and some kids I went to school with so that was nice. well I better run though but I love you guys the church is true and I love sharing the gospel so much =) oh and we get to talk to people the phone and talk about the book of Mormon that was a lot of fun =)
Hey I didn’t want you to get mad at me so I decided to write you another one =) but I promise I miss you and those rolls looked delicious haven’t had any yet...but I have been so busy I have like none stop things. class like 7 hours a day and 30 min for each meal that’s like all. and we have gym every morning this week which I ran the track with the comp a little and then dominated in four square hahah actually it’s so funny cause a lot of these elders are so serious at that game and get so angry it’s so funny to watch. but from gym I go to breakfast than class till 1 than I go to lunch for 30 min and then back to class till 6 dinner for 30 min and back to class till 930 haha Thursday and Friday we had a little play where some elders talked to a investigator and we got to finish the lesson so that was pretty cool. My branch president is a good man and we already had a district meeting with him. I don’t have any time left so I gotta run but I love you and miss you..