Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday's Letter! YAY!!!

hello there my wonderful family how are we all doing this week? i hope all we well for you on the wonderful easter day. sounds like this ast week was one of tons of laughters for you a and well to be honest here we had one LONG day of laughters well laughing at me to be honest hahah. so on a wonderful saturday morning one elder hemphill wakes u with the most pain i have ever felt before in the neck and shoulder (yeah mom remember that one time i couldnt move my neck one side o the other? thats whatis was like again). so that just started the day...walking down th street hearing ``oh elder`` and turning my WHOLE body to say hey. oh tons of laughs huh? haha... to metion at our lunch apopointment it was just calling my name so i had to turn my whoe body to talk to the person...they had more laughs at that. hahah yeah hae to admit it was pretty funny actually. a little while leter e head over to go teach some people....and to get to these houses we have to walk on a dirt road. and sense it hasnt rained here in about 2 weeks they have water tractors utting water down so there is less dustlying everywhere. yeah so it happens that we are on this road when right when they put the water down and they left a couple of puddles of water....yeah you can see where im going with this huh? there was a car coming and he wasnt coming slow thatsfor sure....yupp and well as we walked he hit the puddle of water (full of mud) and i got to take a shower of mud hahah funny huh? i sent a picture of it maybe it might be a hard to see the spots butit waw really bad. so i look over to my comp and his shirt is as white as snow and he is dying lauhing at me when the car came he jumped behind me so i just got dirty hahah...oh what a day right? well it doesnt end. we walk to our house to change clothes and yupp ther was a drunk guy in our way called us over to talk to us and he starts saying this``you know we are all trees! we are mountains we are birds and we are flowers!`` okay alitte wierd right and then he goes on ``you know what every school needs here. do you?`` he continues ``every school needs a garden of flowers...yes a garden of flowers``oh we had a good time laughingat this one. and well that was about it until 8:30 at night oh no! so we go over to an investigators house and he wasnt there but we see on of his friends next to his house and she comes to say hi to us. so i shake her hand and he mom (who is drunk) is sitting there stands up and yells ``do not hold my daughters hand.....i dont want to hear it..because i said dontold her hand...just dont``...i havent even said anything neither has my companin...everyon else that was around was like elder no worries she is we just nicely say bye good night and we left. oh what a day huh? that was our saturday night it was fullof adventures huh. to be honest that was the most exciting thing that haened this week cause this week as another one of those weeks were things are going to good for us aha. a lotof our invetigators are going beind us and well thats how things are forus. im just hopin it was because of the holidays this week. here in brasil thursday-sunday were holidays thursday as ``take out teeth day`` what a holiday huh they named it that cause there was a huge politic guy who was a dentist as well and then we had semana santa as well. so everyone as traveling and not wanting to talk to us. but these last cople of days im really loving the saying ``when you have a bad week that next one will a lot better`` so we are praying for a lot better of a week. As for things with my companion he i doing so much better started to talk alot more this week. he said he is a really shy guy bu when he gets to know people he starts talking a lot more oh thats good. ad his trunkynessis fading away which is even better. so things are looking better and better. hnow hopefuly we can jst get some people to come t church with us. =) we re working hard and we shall see what this weeks brings. i love you all and miss you tons, happy easter yesterday. te amo.

love elder hemphill

p.s. ictures are of our district its me, elder frietas (next to me) elder firmino(other one siting down) and my comp elder gonçalves (standing up).....another one is my accident with the mud bath. and the last one is a wonderful sunset in our area.

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