My Testimony

 As I sat the first day in the MTC hoping that my testimony was good enough to carry out these 2 years I started to pray, and I remember thinking, "everything will be okay." This is when my life changed. I then knew I was no longer Tanner Hemphill, it quickly turned to Elder Hemphill: a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. As the time went on I learned more and more and my testimony seemed unbreakable. After a long time I was finally on my way to Brazil and did not know what to think. The only thing I remembered was the scripture in Alma that said, "We doubted not. Our moms new it." I started to think of the things my parents taught me and the word 'Prayer' quickly came to mind. I got on my knees the first day here and I pleaded with our Lord for help, for understanding, and success. This is when prayer became the one thing I learned on my mission. To be honest, sad to say but prayer never really happened in my life until I got my mission call, and on the mission it is the first thing you learn. At times you think nobody is listening and you can't tell your companion problems because at times he is the problem, so it's just you and Heavenly Father. Everytime I get off of my knees from prayer I feel like I just talked to my best friend and my problems are soon solved.
My testimony has grown so strong here on the mission and I know with all my heart that this is the only true church on the face of the earth. I know that Joseph Smith was the prophet who restored Christ's church on the earth again, and I know that the Book of Mormon is the most powerful book on the earth. It is the word of God, and has changed my life! I know Jesus Christ lives and he suffered and died for me and my sins, and God loves me.
 This is my testimony (for right now)
  in the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.