Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday the 21st ......

well hello there my wonderful familyhow are we all doing this week? well first off i want to say congrats to the big guy daddyio i knew somethin likethat was going to happen. iwas talking to my comp this week and he was like dude your dad is going to be bishop watch. well he sure was close huh. but dad to be honest im really happy for you big guy, thats what im talkin about. ...anyways so things here keep on moving along pretty good. this week wasnt the best week but was still a good one. =). It is actually pretty interesting staying an a area for 6 months cause to be honest i have worked in just about every area in my area and it is all about asking for help rom heavenly father agora. And to be honest it is working a lot, we have seen a ton of help and have found people to teach in areas that i have worked the most but have never seen these people before i think it is very interesting. And my testimony grows every day because of it.

One thing that we still have problems with is bringging people to church man, i swear people are either way lazy or thing that they will be saved cause they let us into there house, its so annoying hahaha. Good thing this ward helps out a little and brings at least a friend or two every week to church as well. Man , so we have been teaching this lady named Marlisa and she has been going to church for the longest time now. She went to church for the first time 3 or 4 years ago and stopped for a while when i got here she was coming every sunday and she still shows up, she just doeant want to get baptized...she has been going to the baptist church for 47 years, she said that she cant just leave those years behind her cause her dad was the pastor. oh what more can we do? so frustrating. she shared her testimony with us as well and she knows its the true church just doesnt want to through on the white clothes yet i guess =/.

Anyways, things here keep getting better and better pretty close to getting a temple here i think, well at least thats all we here about from the missionries and members haha so who knows wht will happen =). Things with the comp are going great i love this kid i, he works so hard and im sure grateful for that whn you have 2 kids workin hard at this work you have a lot of luck haha!!!! Its so crazy to see things and people change i mean this mission is the best thing i´ve ever done in life and i would not change a thing. I will for sure keep working hard and hopefully we will see moe blessings coming our way this week. we are sure excited for confrence as well should be a good one. =) well my wonderful family i have to go i love you tons and miss you as wel have a great week.

love elder hemphill

p.s. i sent some photos i hope you got them one of them i am in a trash bag cause i was aining a lot one day and i didnt have an umbrella so i through one one of these to go to the bus stop haha the others are at a members house they have a pariot haha

Friday, March 18, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

***Good Luck with his spelling, I'm hoping it's because he has learned a different language!***

hello there my wonderful family how are things going there. well i know just about every week you guys get mad about me not sending pictures so i think i have to right to get mad at you guys as well hahah jk jk but seriously what great news i have another niece however NO PICTURE!!!! there is a problem here hahah jk jk. but reallly ill be looking forward to next monday to see a great picture of my new niece.
Anyways things here are going great! another great week for us here in the mountains, things are well going and well how can i put this i just hope things arent slowin down again lol but i dont think so we are still workin hard and having tons of fun with the work as well. =) this week actually wasnt too bad with the end of carnival we actually stepped up our game the last couple of days and got to teach a lot more people so that is the good news =). My companion is well great he loves to work and we push each other along the way. he is all about work so that helps a ton as well. However one thing that i will not miss is sundays. sundays are the worst day i´ve decided, one there are so many people home but they dont want to talk 1. either they are drunk or 2. well you know the carls jr. commercial where they say ``burger fries and a drink dont bother me im eating`` yeah well here its more like ``sunday, television, and soccer, dont bother me im watching soccer``. yupp especially this time of the year all the teams in rio are playing to see who is atually the best team here. so every sunday there is at least 2 games, que chato! and of course i will not miss going to pick peoiple up from church i mean every day of the week for sure im going im way excited lets go to church and then sunday comes.....nothing.....nothing....and more nothing. i think its funny cause yesterday we went to go pick up a family and knocked on the door a couple times and what happens the youngest kid comes out who is like 3 yrrs old and says my mom left. oh yeah kid who are you here with mom already left hahah is your brother here no....oh so you´re hrere a lone ....ummm yeah hahah oh what lies haha. for sure one thing i will not miss.
So this area is still great i love this place, this week has gotten pretty cold though its been raining a lot as well, just about fall and winter time here in brasil though. about 3 more weeks and it will be getting cold here in the mountains. The people here are way awesome so nice and everyone talks to us as well, unless they are from the church ``assembalia de deus``...then they call us false prophets and sing please god burn them hahah....yupp thats right we had that happen to us we walked out of a house and went one direction this guy starts yelling false prophets and yells please god burn them hahah and than starts singing some other stuff....hahah oh what you see in but really that is the only bad thing that hapened everyone is really friendly. as for the investigators welll we had a pretty good turn out at chruch a little lolo...but we have gootten some pretty good investigators to work with. We are teaching some incomplete families, so thats who we really are teaching some of the members are giving us some family to teach and they are bringing others to church so who knows what will happen these next couple of weeks in the transfer shoulld be good. well i better get running i love you guys and miss you também. =)
com grande amor
elder hemphill
p.s. dont forget pictures.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

FINALLY Up and Running .....

Yes, it has ONLY taken us 1.5 years to get Tanner's blog up and running, but hey, better late than never right?! Feel free to explore Elder Hemphill's blog to catch up on the past year of his life!